Introducing NeuroSplit Technology: Smart & Adaptative AI Inference

Balancing computational needs in the moment, maximizing output and minimizing cost.

Skymel is Committed to Making AI Accessible and Affordable

If you're grappling with high cloud costs associated with AI inference, especially when it comes to Large Language Models, Skymel is engineered precisely for this challenge.

Next Steps:

Seeking reduced cloud compute costs without compromising performance? Explore Skymel's integration options.

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  • NVIDIA A10

    $26.95 monthly + $0.015/min

  • NVIDIA RTX A6000

    $37.95 monthly + $0.020/min

  • NVIDIA A100

    $125.95 monthly + $0.060/min

  • NVIDIA H100

    $245.95 monthly + $0.130/min

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Subscription Tiers:

Base Tier: Includes 1800 GPU-minutes per month of cloud compute for corresponding GPU.

Overage Rates: Once base GPU-minutes are consumed, overage charges will apply per minute.

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