NeuroSplit's low-code, low-friction integration with your existing AI infra provides these benefits:

What is NeuroSplit ?

NeuroSplit dynamically 'splits' individual AI inference workloads between an end user's device (e.g., smartphone, laptop) and cloud servers. This real-time decision engine ensures efficient combination of available resources, resulting in uniform user experience across different devices, and cloud infra cost savings.

Low-friction Integration: NeuroSplit integrates with your existing AI infra with minimal code change.

Intelligent Model Partitioning: NeroSplit analyzes your model's architecture and splits it into chunks that can be executed on a range of devices, and operating systems targeted by your applications.

Dynamic inference Offloading: NeuroSplit determines in real-time which stub-model to run on the end user's device, offloading remnant inference to the cloud. It does so based on factors like idle compute, battery life, and network latency.

Optimized Affordable Performance: By leveraging both edge and cloud resources, NeuroSplit ensures optimal inference speed and responsiveness for your AI applications. Simultaneously it reduces cloud infra costs.

Join today to get $50 free credit

  • NVIDIA A10

    $26.95 monthly + $0.015/min

  • NVIDIA RTX A6000

    $37.95 monthly + $0.020/min

  • NVIDIA A100

    $125.95 monthly + $0.060/min

  • NVIDIA H100

    $245.95 monthly + $0.130/min

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Subscription Tiers:

Base Tier: Includes 1800 GPU-minutes per month of cloud compute for corresponding GPU.

Overage Rates: Once base GPU-minutes are consumed, overage charges will apply per minute.

For higher support tiers or to inquire about licensing our NeuroSplit™ library, get in touch at